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  System design
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System advantages in detail

Flat pallet base
The pallet base is designed with a flat, closed pallet deck without footholes, so that no cargo will slip in hollow cavities.This eliminates costly bottom inserts, improves the cleanliness of the pallets and facilitates easy cleaning.

Replaceable pallet feet
The pallet feet can be individually replaced, so that if damage occurs, you don’t have to replace the entire pallet base, but simply screw on new feet. The feet are equipped with recesses for barcodes or other labeling. Thanks to the recessed surfaces, the labels will not be damaged even if the pallet feet rub against each other during transport, for example.

Smart pallet design
The twin-sheet pallet is designed so that the feet do not have any molding angles so that when the pallet is stacked, the feet are positioned on the outer corners of the system below. The weight is thus not stacked on the cover, but distributed over the corners of the sleeve. This ensures high stability and stacking safety. The straight feet also ensure that modern warehousing technology can grasp the pallets cleanly and prevent stoppages in conveying systems.

Convenient cover
The stable twin sheet cover is designed to prevent the accumulation of water. This increases ease of use, particularly when covers wet from rain are removed. Due to the integrated recesses, quadruple banding is possible, which increases shipping safety.

Folding sleeve
Thanks to the structured core panel technology, the container sleeve is extremely stable with a high load capacity, but is very lightweight. The folding sleeve can be stored between the base and the cover to reduce volume. Furthermore, the sleeve can be equipped with numerous custom options.

Optional versions

Modular foot caps
The pallet feet can be capped from the bottom; these caps can be replaced individually when worn, so that it is not necessary to replace the entire foot. The foot caps prevent protruding objects or uneven surfaces from sticking in the foot cavities and improve sliding properties.

Replaceable pallet runners
ROBUPAC systems are also available with pallet runners. Like the pallet feet, the runners can be individually replaced when damaged or worn. The ROBUPAC systems equipped with runners are suitable for use in high rack and roller belt systems.

Innovative floor locking
Optionally, ROBUPACs can be equipped with the new “QuickLock” locking system. In contrast to conventional locking devices, this system offers important advantages like significantly simpler operation as well as reduced hazard of injury. Further more, it is recognizable at first sight whether the locking device is open or closed, thus increasing transportation security. Since this locking system is not integrated into the pallet itself nor into the cover but into the sleeve, penetration of water is prevented.
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