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ROBUPAC collapsible containers -
The intelligent twin-sheet system


Extreme durability, completely modular design, noticeable cost savings: these are the distinguishing features of the ROBUPAC collapsible container system. They are ideally suited for all shipping and storage tasks which require extreme ruggedness and minimal weight.

ROBUPAC collapsible containers are optimal for shipping extremely heavy weight goods. Their twin sheet technology makes them extremely robust at a relatively light weight. They allow an ideal packing density and reliably protect shipped goods against damage. When shipped or stored empty, the plastic sleeve is simply stowed between the base and the cover. This results in an efficient volume reduction of up to 80%. Sturdy materials and construction make ROBUPAC collapsible containers appropriate for a multitude of uses, help them to withstand high mechanical and thermal loads and make them suitable for rugged industrial use.


The ROBUPAC collapsible container system represents the distillation of our decades of experience in the development of collapsible containers. Every detail of the system is precisely tailored to the needs of modern logistics processes. ROBUPAC collapsible containers offer numerous practical features such as a flat base replaceable pallet feet and runners, innovative floor locking and many additional options.

System advantages:

  • Cost-effective procurement
  • Extremely robust, reliable protection for shipped goods
  • Light weight
  • Flat base, no recesses
  • Replaceable pallet feet
  • Optional pallet runners, replaceable
  • Can be equipped with integrated “QuickLock”
    floor and cover locking
  • Suitable for high rack and roller conveyor systems (with runners)
  • Cost savings through efficient packing density
    and volume reduction when stored empty
  • Optimal UV, moisture and rot resistance
  • Easy to use, long life and durability
  • Cost savings based on high circulation
  • Available as ESD-proof version
  • Also available as leasing system


Transport to destination
(mega trailer / jumbo):
78 fully loaded ROBUPAC systems (1200 x 1000)
  Return shipping
(mega trailer / jumbo):
78 empty ROBUPAC
systems (1200 x 1000) on approx. 3 loading meters
Cost saving collapsible container systems
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