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Customer specific designs

SOLOPAC pallet collars are constructed of polypropylene structured-core panels. They are tailor-made for the desired pallet type in customer specified heights. In order to meet every need, SOLOPACs containers are also available in customer specific designs:

Sleeve thicknesses and weights
The plastic sleeve is available in different thicknesses and weights depending on the stability required and load capacity.

Sleeve height
The height of the sleeve can be selected in order to achieve an optimal packing density.

Sealed sleeve edges
For certain uses, e.g. special hygienic requirements, peripheral edge welding is available.

Loading flap
For easy loading and unloading of goods, a loading flap can be built into the sleeve.

Label pockets
Label pockets in various formats are available for marking and labelling containers.

Any or all of the sides of the plastic sleeve can be custom printed.

Bottom inserts / dividers
For applications that require a completely level bottom surface or the separation of goods, bottom inserts or dividers are available.

Partitioning / moulded inserts
To safely pack goods, product-specific partitioning systems or moulded inserts can be developed.

“QuickLock” locking system
Optionally, ROBUPACs can be equipped with the new “QuickLock” locking system, which is integrated into the sleeve.

Cost saving collapsible container systems
OctaPack 2000, the new benchmark for bulk containers!