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  reusable packing
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Custom reusable packing

Custom reusable packing systems are tailored to our customers' specific requirements
and facilitate safe, damage-free transportation and storage.

Due to the carefully developed requirements-specific design, accurately dimensioned, form-fitting part placement and optimal packing density are ensured. Depending on the specific use, the reusable packing systems can be designed for both manual and automatic handling. All nestable stackable pallet systems, containers and molded inserts are designed for the reduced-volume shipping of empties, thus facilitating noticeable cost reductions. Depending on the customer-specific requirements,
various materials and custom colors are available.


Separator for crankshafts,
stacking/unstacking over the part
Nestable stacking container for rubber profiles, weight borne
by the container

Separator for brake calipers,
color-coded labeling for left and right versions
Nestable stacking container for shock absorbers, weight borne by the container

Molded insert for dual coupling, for automatic loading and unloading Molded insert for wheel bearing,
color-coded stripes for marking the direction of stacking.

Shipping container for electric motors Stacking container for spark plugs

Nestable stackable molded insert for longitudinal columns, suitable for a variety of container systems Separator, screwed onto customized base pallets, suitable for automated handling
(cross section)

Packing unit consisting of cover, separator and base pallets, can be reversed and stacked to reduce volume when shipping empties

Nestable stacking container for intake manifolds, volume reduced
when empties are shipped
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