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Standardized reusable packing

Standardized reusable packing enables logistics costs to be reduced significantly without sacrificing individual design:
The molds for the containers and separators are standardi-zed, so that a product-specific packing system requires only a change of insert tooling.

The result is inexpensive, high-quality complete form-fitting packing systems for parts. Customer-specific requirements can be addressed with various grades of material and individual colors.

Containers and separators for post pallets

Twin-sheet containers 1200/1000 for post pallets Twin-sheet separators 1200/1000 for post pallets

Containers and separators for post pallets that are manufactured
in the twin-sheet process are particularly stable and designed for the transport and storage of very heavy parts. Their special design enables a high packing density, and the form-fitting receptacles ensure secure placement of parts. The material to be transported is stacked without contacting the layers above it, so the entire weight of the stack is borne by the container rim and not by the material itself. Furthermore, individualized colors and labeling can be used for specific applications to facilitate automated loading and removal. The containers and separators are 1200 x 1000 mm in size and available in heights to meet any application requirements. Appropriate covers are available as an option.

Separators for wheel pallets

VDA/EUWA-compliant separators for horizontal wheel transport Standardized separators
for vertical wheel transport

The separators for wheel pallets compliant with VDA/EUWA specifications are optimized for cost-effective, safe transport of wheels and satisfy all system requirements. Depending on the area of application, there are separators available for rugged steel wheels or scratch-prone aluminum wheels. Both types are available for all common wheel sizes.

Separators for vertical wheel transport are designed specifically for use with easily damaged wheels, such as those with protruding rim flanges or easily scratched surfaces. The separators for all wheel sizes ensure secure positioning of the wheels on the pallet, are easy to handle and have color-coded striping to indicate the wheel size.


TWINBOX 1000/1200 TWINBOX 800/1200
(cutaway view)

The TWINBOX, manufactured using the twin-sheet process, is distinguished by its rugged, heavy-duty design and is well suited for transporting heavy materials despite its relatively light weight. The customized molded insert ensures accurately dimensioned, non-slip parts placement. The weight of the stacked containers is borne by the stable rims, not by the parts themselves. This ensures especially safe and protective parts shipment and storage.
Matching covers are available for both standard sizes.

 800/1200  1000/1200

* Material: HDPE | ** Height reduction when stacked


DUROBOX 600/400 and 800/600 DUROBOX 1000/600
in the reverse process

The DUROBOX is a single-shell container designed especially for light to moderately heavy cargo. The standard container bottom is smooth and is available with custom inserts which can be easily replaced if the unit loads change. Alternatively, the DUROBOX is also available with customer-specific molded inserts. Despite the light weight of the container, the ribbed side walls ensure good stability and the smooth-sided ends are ideal for attaching labels. Depending on the requirements, this container system is available in three different standard sizes with matching covers.

 600/400  800/600  1000/600

* Material: HP or ABS | ** Height reduction when stacked
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