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  Medical systems
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  Machine building
  Packing systems
  Cost saving collapsible
  container systems
  reusable packing
  reusable packing
  NEW: Heavy-duty
  pallet DSLP 1311

Thermoformed components
for plumbing / heating / air-conditioning

Examples: "plumbing":


Ceiling element for shower temple


Various ceiling elements for shower temple


Folding seat, PUR foamed (cross section)


Shower panel (front and back sides)

Functional element for shower panel, dual-shell


Mini fragrance reservoir in twin-sheet technology
for wellness shower temple


Doors, side panels and ceiling in twin-sheet technology
for mobile WCs

Examples: "heating / air-conditioning"


Noise insulation hood for oil-/gas burner


Air conditioning unit cover
Innovations that shape the world of plastics.