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ROBUPAC collapsible containers: Extremely stable and cost saving

DUROtherm Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH in Haiterbach presents a new development in the field of shipping containers at this year’s FachPack: the ROBUPAC collapsible container system:

ROBUPAC systems are made of plastic and consist of a moulded, highly durable base with an integrated pallet, a cover and a very lightweight but highly load resistant folding pallet enclosure. The secret to this container system lies in the design of the base pallet. The palette is manufactured using a twin sheet process which makes it extremely stable. The big disadvantage of standard twin sheet palettes is that the inside surfaces of the base have deep recesses. Also, dirt accumulates in the hollow space inside the moulded pallet feet. With the ROBUPAC, the DUROtherm engineers succeeded in developing a twin sheet palette with a flat base. This does away with bothersome dirt accumulation right from the beginning and it also makes cleaning much easier. In addition, the flat base makes it easy to ship small parts without having to invest in additional liners.

  The absolute highlight of the ROBUPAC system are the injection-moulded pallet feet. In case they are damaged, for example, by a forklift they can be simply unscrewed and if necessary replaced with new pallet feet. In contrast to other transport containers with integrated pallets, the whole
base pallet does not have to be replaced. The cost savings that result are significant.

Their extreme stability makes ROBUPAC collapsible containers ideal for shipping very heavy goods. The solid construction, quality materials and workmanship of ROBUPAC containers make them the right choice for a multitude of uses, help them to withstand high mechanical and thermal loads and make them suitable for rugged industrial use. In addition they are inexpensive to procure and yield long-term savings by their reduced volume when shipped back or stored empty.

ROBUPACs are available in the 1200 x 1000 mm pallet size with any height desired. Plans are currently underway to expand the product line to include other pallet sizes. Depending on how they are used, ROBUPACs can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements.

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