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  Series manufacturing

Prototyping: fast and flexible

One of the many advantages of the thermoforming technology is extremely fast development cycles in the prototyping process. Based on the CAD data adopted from the customer or developed by DUROtherm, high-quality prototype or series tools are developed in an extremely short time. These provide the basis for optimal production processes. Final corrections and adaptations to customer needs can be implemented very quickly and cost-effectively. Based on decades of experience in thermoforming, the selection 
of materials as well as the geometry of the thermoformed components is already taken into account in the design and construction of the moulds, which ensures optimal functionality of the products to be developed.

Based on the customer's needs, DUROtherm also carries out a variety of stress tests and service life tests, which allow us make accurate predictions about whether the product is expected to be suited to the intended purpose.
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