Single-sheet technology
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Single-sheet thermoforming

Thermoformed components manufactured using the single-sheet process allow nearly unlimited individuality when it comes to material, shape and size.


For production of single-sheet thermoformed parts, DUROtherm has 24 thermoforming systems manufactured by leading companies in a variety of sizes. When it comes to mould size, DUROtherm is also a decisive step ahead of the competition.

With one of the largest thermoforming systems in Europe, we can manufacture huge thermoformed parts, up to 4200 x 2500 mm in size.


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In the single sheet process, a firmly clamped plastic panel is first heated on both sides. While the mold is raised into position, compressed air is used to pre-stretch the hot sheet. The air between the mold and the sheet of plastic is then evacuated and atmospheric pressure causes the sheet to conform to the mold. Afterward a cooling fan cools the thermoformed component to below the softening point of the plastic. A flow of compressed air released the finished thermoformed part from the mold.
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