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  Twin-sheet technology
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Twin sheet thermoforming

Thermoformed parts manufactured using the twin-sheet process are impressive for their extreme stability and because the two sides can be shaped or coloured differently.


DUROtherm has three twin-sheet systems, including two carousel thermoforming systems. These are designed for large series production and are notable for their high pressing force and fast cycle times. With sizes up to 3200 x 1800 mm, these systems are among the largest twin-sheet systems in Europe.


Enlarge diagram

In the twin sheet process, two firmly clamped plastic panels are heated on both sides in separate ovens. The panels are then molded one after another by evacuating the air between the mold and the hot plastic sheet. Subsequently, while the thermoformed
parts are still warm, they are welded firmly together using pressure.
A flow of compressed air is then used to release the finished twin
molded part from the mold.
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