Environmental Projects: DUROtherm Moulded Parts in Action

Umweltprojekte splash screen
A lot of DUROtherm products serve to improve the quality of life of people, to support the protection of animals and to protect the environment. For instance, the plastics used by DUROtherm, which are 100 % recyclable, can be returned to the material cycle protecting the environment.
Problematic materials as glass-fibre reinforced plastics can be fully replaced in various fields by eco-friendly and recyclable plastics. What’s more: thanks to 100 % through-coloured plastics, paint finish, which could be a pollutant for people and the environment, can in many cases be dispensed with.

Moulded Parts For Growing Plants

Formteile für die Pflanzenaufzucht

The project concerning the raising of plants, where DUROtherm growing trays play a key role, is very interesting. Integrated into a tray cabinet system kept at the right temperature they accommodate the seedlings and are an important component of the water cycle: water is fed in from the top, runs down through all tiers, but does not drain away into the ground on the bottom, because it is pumped up again in order to irrigate the plants again. This circulation system saves precious water and valuable nutrients do not seep into the ground unused. Even under severe conditions as high desert temperatures it’s possible to cultivate fresh and healthy vegetables with this kind of raising system.

Moulded Parts for the Protection of Birds

Formteile für den Vogelschutz

Bird protection covers produced by DUROtherm make a valuable contribution to animal protection: attached to power lines even big birds of prey can alight without running the risk to touch two lines at the same time by the impact of their widely spreading wings getting an electric shock.

Moulded Parts for Irrigation

Formteile zur Bewässerung

The water-wheel systems, for which DUROtherm produces big pumping wheels, are of inestimable value primarily in developing countries: the water wheels are placed in the flow of streams, which drives the wheel. There’s a spiral-tube system within each plastic wheel where the water streams trough. On account of the spirals getting continuously smaller pressure is built up, which pumps the water up several meters, where it can irrigate fields located higher. In drier and poorer areas, where there is no electric power and no motor driven pumps, this is an optimal solution to cultivate food.

Moulded Parts for Aviation and Railway

Formteile für Luftfahrt und Bahn

Certainly robust but still very lightweight parts do play an important role in aviation. Here it is essential to save every avoidable gram, in order to lower the consumption of fuel and to minimize pollutant emissions. But also in railway traffic low weight is significant because we must try to save energy on rails, too. In order to meet the increased demand of lightweight parts, DUROtherm is building a new factory at Löffingen-Unadingen, which specializes in producing lightweight seat shells for aviation and railway traffic.

Moulded Parts for Electric Vehicles

Formteile für Elektrofahrzeuge

DUROtherm is a major player in the market of future electric vehicles in the joint development of trim parts for a completely new generation of lightweight transport vehicles and produces various interior and exterior trim parts in large-scale series for this market section. Low weight, which, naturally, is of great importance in electric vehicles, is also getting more and more important in conventional motor industries: parts which used to be made from glass, steel, sheet metal or fibre-reinforced plastics are nowadays being replaced by thermoformed plastic parts, because they are shape-retaining, UV resistant, impact-resistant, 100 % recyclable and significantly lighter. The lower consumption of fuel resulting from this leads to a decreased emission of CO2 and consequently to a lowering of greenhouse gases.